Ashoka Fellow Anshu Gupta Wins Prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award

Gupta was elected to the global Ashoka Fellowship in 2004 for his game-changing work in founding GOONJ.

Youth Social Entrepreneurship College Festival in Bangalore from 11-15 January 2016

Join us as we celebrate CHANGEMAKING by bringing together inspiring social entrepreneurs from across India to interact with the youth in Bangalore on the topic of social entrepreneurship and changemaking.

Nourishing Schools: Young Changemakers for Better Nutrition

A unique “Nutrition Toolkit” aims to empower schoolchildren to take charge of their own nutrition and that of their communities.

Ashoka Fellows 2015

Welcoming our latest cohort of Fellows

Changemaker Schools in India

7 schools selected for the first cohort of India's Changemaker Schools
Submitted by M-R on Wed, February 10, 2016
By Sunish JauhariChangemaking is here to stay. Changemakers are needed today to bring about positive social change, but soon this will become relevant, and perhaps a necessity, for everyone, including businesses, academia, media and the government. Changemaking is all...
Submitted by M-R on Tue, February 9, 2016
This article originally appeared in the Deccan Herald supplement published for the occasion of Ashoka India's Changemaker Week in January 2016. By Prince C PSocial Innovation is the creation of new ideas and new relationships for the welfare of the society,...
Submitted by M-R on Fri, February 5, 2016
This article originally appeared in the Deccan Herald supplement published for the occasion of Ashoka India's Changemaker Week in January 2016. By Yashveer SinghI believe we are currently going through one of the incredibly rare times in history when a large scale...

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Submitted by Priya Rollins on Mon, February 8, 2016
Children’s books are an incredibly powerful medium for spreading ideas and teaching lessons to children of all ages (let’s face it, even adults occasionally enjoy a good children’s book!).An article from The Guardian recently addressed this fact-- specifically...
Submitted by Priya Rollins on Mon, February 1, 2016
On Friday, January 22, the Changemaker Schools Team had a fabulous visit to the TVS Academy in Hosur! We met with Principal, Vidya Akka, or ‘Akka’ to the students, to discuss some of her theories on child development and what the school’s philosophy is on the purpose of...
Submitted by Anjana Balakrishnan on Fri, January 29, 2016
2016 is going to be a very exciting year for Changemaker Schools, India! We are rapidly expanding our reach and our team, and as we do so, we felt that (for a number of reasons) ‘Empathy’ would be a good theme of the year.A fundamental value within Ashoka is that just as...

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Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak in a special program "SWACHH BHARAT" on DD National, 10 February, 2016
On 2 February 2016, the Supreme Court of India referred a batch of eight curative petitions against Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code to a constitutional bench of five judges. The law, dating back to colonial times, criminalises sexual acts...
The notion of women's inferiority and impurity persists across religions

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